What we cover

We deal with organisations and individuals that make, deliver and oversee exams using technology.


We track activity across formative, diagnostic and summative assessment, evidence-based systems such as e-Portfolios, as well as the best of e-learning where robust exam tech makes a difference.


We also look at emerging and nascent technology deployment such as remote invigilation, as well as mature ancillary exam tech services such as script scanning, document management, MIS, CRM and certification.


World Exam Tech is for decision makers at exam institutes, awarding organisations, tech vendors, education faculties and assessment professionals who need reliable, regular and timely insights to make decisions.


Here are the key areas that will feature in most editions of World Exam Tech.


Performance of exam tech companies

Financials & Tenders

We track the exam tech sector's health - not just the numbers, but also the where and why.


As public procurement for exam tech increases, we provide a heads-up on tenders that have been announced, but also who has won - togther with our insight and analysis.

Sector Updates

Some sectors have made great strides in exam tech adoption.


We look at those great exemplars, but also call out emerging sectors who are preparing to take the plunge and what challenges they have.


World Exam Tech subscribers in conversation

Industry Moves

Forgetting to wish that colleague or customer good luck when they move post can be tricky.


World Exam Tech provides updates on the senior executive industry moves across all organisations, so you can rest assured you're always upto date with the sector.

A Basket of Regulators

The collective term 'a basket of regulators' is never far away from awarding organisations and tech vendors.


World Exam Tech analyses and explains the latest updates and statistics from the major regulators and how it impacts on exam tech.

Market Players

Technology is used to create, deliver and administer exams, so we cover both existing and new market entrants.


Crucially, World Exam Tech looks at vendors and organisations who use tech in innovative and interesting ways.


Events and Conferences

World Exam Tech lists all the major exam tech events, but also provides analysis on case studies and insights that emerge from conferences.