ROI for your WET subscription

Need a business case to prove the return on investment for your WET subscription? 
Is harvesting, analysis and presentation of this kind of insight a key part of your job? 
Do you need the information to inform planning and executive decison making?


Business decisions made on reactive demands for data and insight are usually rushed, inaccurate and potentially misguided. 


Don't worry - we can help.


Take a look below at the ROI calculator - it shows how much the WET would cost if it was done by you or a member of staff.


Value for Money

One-off set up costs Cost
 Scoping, requirements, formatting  £250
Research, marketing & design training £750
Set-up Cost Total £1,000
On-going annual costs  
Internal Research staff @ 0.2 FTE £4,300
Annual staff expenses @ 0.2 FTE of £600 pa £120
News aggregation subs e.g. Reuters, Newswire £200
Web monitoring software £100
Annual Training, CPD £600
On-going Annual Cost Total £5,320

We based our calculations on resourcing a permanent graduate research assistant in the UK, benchmarked by Payscale for one day a week (0.2 FTE). 


While a research assistant cannot be expected to bring the depth of knowledge, understanding and analysis that the WET does, even this modest benchmarking demonstrates the WET's value for money.

Graduate Research Assistant (United Kingdom)
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