Frequently Asked Questions

World Exam Tech is a bespoke, specialised newsletter for senior assessment executives and professionals who need to know and understand the exam technology sector.

Why exam tech?

An IDC study claimed that within the global education sector, more than 80% of the sector's revenue was derived from learning and 20% from assessment.


While many have clung to e-learning in the 21st Century, exam tech is an underserved sector which is rapidly growing, diversifing and encroaching onto areas that were hitherto outside of its scope.


The World Exam Tech aspires to provide hard factual reporting and analysis, which we feel is too often bereft from the e-learning sector.

Why six issues?

As resources allow, we will move to more regular publication.


However, we will publish ad hoc special editions where a significant issue, contract or industry update has taken place.


For example, a review of the UK Competition and Market Authority investigation into the proposed Pearson takeover of learndirect during 2015-16 would justify a special edition. 


All special editions will be free of charge to subscribers.

What's important?

Examinations are a fact of life, but also provide life changing opportunities.


Organisations that play a role in forwarding a learner's career or help practice their job should act professionally, ethically and responsibly. Such organisations (wherever the income is derived) should also provide value-for-money.


Exam tech should never pledge upfront cash savings - demonstrating fair, valid and reliable exams which are accessible to as many learners as possible should be primary goals.

No advertising?

Editorial and analytical independence are important to us.


We see little value to our readership in providing advertising/ advertorial within the WET or the website. There are many trade bodies who adequately fulfil this function.


Our subscription covers our resourcing to provide the website and production of the WET.


We do not entertain offers of consultancy or other project work.

What to expect?

With our resources, World Exam Tech tracks, monitors and reports on matters that aid the knowledge and understanding of the exam tech sector.


We uncover where exam tech is genuinely providing enhanced accessibility and innovation for learners.


Fair assessments and exams that utilise robust technology will be highlighted. Equally, we shine a light on organisations whose performance is limiting learner performance and stakeholder satisfaction. 


Future Plans?

Firstly, we'd like the WET to become a monthly publication, as we believe there's more than enough material and interest to justify it.


Secondly, we'd like to commission more primary research on a regular, scheduled basis to underpin and add value to what we already do.


Thirdly, we'd like to develop a reputation within our peers and customers as the trusted go-to place for authoritative analysis, insight and comment in our field.