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Insight and Analysis on Assessment Technology

World Exam Tech, or 'The WET', deals with the rapidly growing use of technology in assessment.


The WET is an industry newsletter that provides updates on technologies being used across formative, diagnostic and summative assessment. It covers vendors, awarding organisations, regulators, leading practitioners and international news. 



Setting itself apart from advertorial and regurgitated press releases, each WET release shines a light on the sector as it moves to the mainstream.    


The WET includes evidence-based technology systems such as e-Portfolios including the best of e-learning where robust e-Assessment technology is making a difference.


Headlines from the latest WET


WET Top 20 We analyse the twenty key people and organisations that shape the world of exam tech. This edition tracks their recent successes and future challenges that they face. 


Headlines from recent WET editions

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And we don't forget those parts of assessment and exams that rely on a little tech to give the old methods a helping hand. Script scanning, on-screen marking and tech for certification are also covered by the WET. 


Emerging technologies such as remote invigilation/ proctoring and machine learning are considered, especially where they are making efficency gains, quality improvements and  a genuine, positive difference to learners.


The WET journals the sector changes and provides regular expert insight. Subscribe today.

Affectionately known as 'the WET', we publish six times a year to our subscribers

We cover on-screen tests including tech such as script scanning and evidence based portfolios

New exam tech such as remote invigilation/ proctoring are regular WET features